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Bunny Bums 20 for £20 ( saving £10 if bought individually)

Bunny Bums 20 for £20 ( saving £10 if bought individually)

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Please don’t ask for certain scents as they are already boxed ready to go. 

Great way for trying new scents

Perfect for gifting or a treat for yourself 💕. 

Absolute bargain £20 for 80 wax melts!!!! 



All of our wax produducts are made from EcoCoco. We have tested many and this wax is perfect for us.


Each sample melt roughly weighs 7-8grams.

finger snapbars weigh roughly 25g.

snapbars weigh roughly 50g.

large snapbars weigh roughly 80g.

mega snapbars weigh roughly 200g.

carpet sprinkles weigh roughly 500g (530g in shaker).

room sprays weigh roughly 100g . (110g in bottle).

Care information

General Safety Information

Only use with 4hour, unscented tealights in a burner at least 10cm tall.

Keep out of reach of childern and pets.

keep away from furniture and draughts.

Never leave a candle unattended.

Never touch,move,empty a burner whilst in use, burners get very HOT.

Use a wax burner on a heat proof,sturdy surface.

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