Collection: Teddy Bear Wax Melts and Baby feet Wax melts

Discover the delightful world of home fragrance with our cuddly Teddy bear scented wax melts, meticulously crafted to enchant your senses. At just £1 each, our collection boasts a diverse range of scents designed to create the perfect ambience in your home.

Explore the enchanting aromas offered by our small business, where each Teddy bear-shaped wax melt promises to elevate your home's atmosphere with its unique fragrance.


Discover the charming allure of baby feet wax melts, a delightful addition to your home fragrance collection. Perfect for celebrating new beginnings, these scented wax melts are a must-have.

Embrace the cuteness that these intricately designed wax melts bring, ideal for any baby shower or christening event.

For new parents, the aroma of our wax melts symbolizes the freshness of their new journey, making it an exquisite gift that cherishes the moment.

Our small Warrington business takes pride in crafting these unique scents, offering a local touch to your gifts and home ambiance.







Baby Feet shapes are a made to order item.